Down East RC&D of Maine

Down East Resource Conservation & Development

Serving Maine's Hancock & Washington counties

Who we are

The RC&D program was conceived in the 1960s to help rural communities who depend on the natural resource base for their way of life and economic well being. Based in the US Department of Agriculture, the program was designed to put resources in rural counties that would aid accessing available opportunities for economic benefit and the wise use of the natural resource base. The DERC&D Council was formed with representatives of local municipalities and non-profits and members at large. Many current members have been involved since 1975.

What we do

Over the history of DERC&D assisting with projects, including educational as well as agricultural and bricks and mortar projects, has been and continues to be what we do best. Subsequent to recent Congressional action RC&D Councils now operate independently without direct federal support. The Council has been working hard to overcome the loss of federal staff by looking for ways to use our volunteers to continue with project work. Our strength as an organization comes from the variety of knowledge and experiences of those volunteers. Whenever a new project is brought to the council, the discussion immediately turns into a brainstorming session.

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